Donation to charity

In March of 2018, the fund donated €2,400 to Human Appeal International, an amount that comprised entirely of the profits of the fund from its past performance.


Notable Events

Apart from its emphasis on ensuring that the fund acts as a way for students entering the corporate world to gain useful industry knowledge, it has also consistently brought in UCD alumni to give students a chance to network with professionals.

Besides regular interaction with Goodbody Stockbrokers, the SMF in 2017/18 also established links with Fidelity International, Credit Suisse, and Davy Stockbrokers.

In the case of Fidelity, UCD and DCU SMFs jointly hosted a two-day Investment Workshop and Stock Pitching Competition. 9 successful candidates were flown over to Fidelity’s head offices in Cannon Street, London, for an exclusive insight day and the opportunity to be fast-tracked in their recruitment process.

In the case of Credit Suisse and Davy, involvement was spread across both semesters, with each presenting directly to fund and society members on topics ranging from what drives equity markets to the risks of Bitcoin and sharpening your CV.