Future Plans


We are delighted to announce that the fund has partnered with Real Vision for the upcoming academic year. Real Vision’s on-demand video channel offers exclusive access to students who can watch the most successful investors, hedge fund managers and traders share their frank and in-depth investment insights and masterclass strategies.

Real Vision offers students:

-       Quality content and access to the biggest names in finance

-       Transcript and audio downloads

-       Community comment section of like-minded investors and students

As Daniel C, a student from an Ivy League college in the USA told them:
“Thank you for enriching my education as much as you do! I would not be nearly as informed about finance without Real Vision. One of the main reasons I actually got my job in wealth management was because I talked about the John Burbank interview from your platform”

They charge nearly $4000+ yearly for their services but have agreed to partner with us and provide access to all their content exclusively for members the fund.

If you are an I&E Society member but are not a member of the SMF and would like access to Real Vision, please reach out to us via our society email.

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Applications for the fund will open on Sunday 22nd September 2019.