Name: Joseph Glynn

Position: Vice Auditor - Head of Investors


My name is Joseph Glynn and I am in my final year of studying Economics and Finance. I have been involved in the I&E society since second year, having previously held the roles of Events Officer and Sponsorship Officer. It has been great to see the society grow in the last 2 years, both in terms of events and membership count. I have always had a real interest in the world of investing and finance and because of this I was always interested in the Head of Investors role.

 Joining the I&E was one of the best things I did during my time in UCD and I would recommend everyone to get involved in the society in anyway they can.

 Anyway, some extra info about me:

Favourite Movie: The Big Short

Favourite Book: Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

Favourite Quote: "All models are wrong but some are useful" - James Sweeney