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Thinking of getting an internship as a 1st year? Unsure of how to write your cover letter or where to apply? Then you’re in luck!

This year for the first time, the I&E will be running a 1st year mentorship program to help first year students apply successfully for internships. You will be paired with a final year mentor who has gone through the interview process and completed an internship at a leading company. They will help you with CV, cover letter and application advice, tell you how and where to apply, give you tips to succeed in online tests and as you progress to the interview stage they’ll make sure you know how to impress.

By applying for this you will also be applying to become a part of the I&E as a member of the freshers committee. As part of the freshers committee you will get the chance to help out with events, get involved in any programs that interest you, develop personal skills and familiarise yourself with the running of events and how the society functions so that you can transition to become part of the committee in the future. If you would like to get involved with the I&E this is your chance to do so!