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Thinking of getting an internship as a 1st year? Unsure of how to write your cover letter or where to apply? Then you’re in luck!

Due to last year’s profound success, the I&E will once again be running a 1st year mentorship program to help first year students apply successfully for internships.

The Career mentorship programme was created with the objective of helping students explore various career paths available, as well as preparing them for various recruitment processes. Successful applicants will be matched with a mentor who, in turn, will offer advice and insight in their chosen field. Mentors include individuals from McKinsey & Company, Avalon and Goldman Sachs. Members applying for internship mentorship will be matched with students who have gone through similar programmes. Applicants will be matched based on their CV and expressed Interests.

The program is open to students applying to both graduate programs and internships (Summer & Year-long). To apply please fill in the survey attached below and send your CV to IE.society@ucd.ie with Career Mentorship Programme as the subject line.