Name: Lorcan Brophy

Position: Head of Speaker Series



I’m in third year in Ec & Fi, on internship as part of my degree. Following up on a semester spent loving life in Australia, the 9 to 5 has been a humbling ordeal. I’m a surf enthusiast and general Aussie wannabe. I relate with dogs on a spiritual level and am partial to a good old vine compilation.

I’ve been a member of the I&E Society since first year and it has been hugely influential in giving direction to my career path. The extensive range and serious level of events and opportunities continues to blow me away and I’m looking forward to a great year ahead.

Inspirational figures: Ron Burgundy, Dick Cheney

Celebrity Lookalike: Chris Evans

Favourite Beverage: Espresso Martini

Favourite Quote: 60% of the time, it works every time - Brian Fantana