Name: Harry McKiernan

Position: Student Managed Fund CEO


My name is Harry and I’m running the Student Managed Fund this year. I’m a final year actuary, deep behind enemy lines here in the Quinn School of Business. One of my favourite memories of the I&E is when I went to the Harvard Model United Nations knowing absolutely nothing about what it was and how it worked but loved it anyway.

The SMF is a student run investment club. It was set up with the idea that the best way for students to learn about investing was to give them a whole bunch of money and send them out to beat the market i.e. people who literally get paid to find undervalued companies to invest in. Real baptism of fire stuff. Still, you’ll learn a lot about investing and, who knows, maybe we’ll even have a few Warren Buffets in our midst. Or Bernie Madoffs, but that one’s on you.

Fun fact about me: I’ve an identical twin brother who’s studying Economics and Finance so 50% of the time you see me on campus, it’s not me.