Name: David O’Mahony

Position: Head of Engagement


For those that don’t know me, I am a final year Business and Law student who has flawlessly bluffed it through the last few years here in Belfield. For those that do - apologies for likely burning your ears with my chat at some point! I am a massive fan of sports, yet I’m absolutely brutal at next to all of them. I’m mainly known around campus for my dodgy and questionable stint as class representative for B&L in first year (did organize a decent trip to Edinburgh though...!) I am incredibly excited for the year ahead with the I&E, and I feel we as a society can offer so much to students through our various events and initiatives If I was to give any advice to students just starting in UCD - get out of your comfort zone, get involved with societies such as ourselves , and make sure to cherish every single one of those Everleigh Mondays and Thursdays. Favourite Drink: Vodka and water. Claim to fame: 16th in Leinster at tennis, u12s 2010.