Name: Mark Benson

Position: Director of Tournaments



I’m a 3rd year Economics & Finance student currently on a year long work placement in SIG. I’ve been attending I&E events for most of my time in UCD, especially the weekly poker, so figured it was about time I got involved. As Director of Tournaments, I have the vaguest job title in the entire society, and there’s a good chance I won’t be seen again after the first society meeting when we get our free hoodie. 

I’ll be running the weekly poker this year with Darragh Lenihan, as well as organizing any other related events. The weekly poker is the best attended event in the society and I’d recommend beginners and experienced players to come along and play. At the very least, your €5 buy-in will get you some free Red Bull and pizza. 

Fun fact about me: Despite a lot of experience, I have an innate ability to consistently make terrible decisions at the poker table.