Name: Mark Nealon

Position: Head of Start-up Accelerator


I’m a Biomedical, Health & Life Science student which, I know, is not the degree you were expecting. For nearly two years I’ve been building a tech start-up called myStudyPal based in NovaUCD. In that time, I’ve made every mistake imaginable which will hopefully come in handy during this years’ accelerator. Over the next few months, I’ll be helping to turn student’s great ideas into great businesses. I’m super excited to see what real world problems we can begin to solve with this years’ start-ups.

I’m a keen follower of all things rugby despite hanging up my boots years ago. I’m passionate about entrepreneurship, science and 9am flat whites. Talents include consistently losing kings at pre drinks, subconsciously eating chocolate and ‘forgetting’ to go to the gym.