Name: Ian Walsh

Position: Editor


I am currently in my second year, studying Economics and Sociology. I’m a big fan of all sports, and can take an interest in almost anything being showed. I developed a massive interest in rugby once I started secondary school, and avidly played throughout my time there. I currently still play and coach rugby, though I don’t know if much talent extended past my school days for either.

I was interested in joining the I&E society as I have a keen interest in finance, and saw it as a very helpful platform to develop my career skills. Also being one of the younger members of the society, I thought it would be a great opportunity to connect with some like minded and more mature(as well as probably more intelligent) students, who share some similar ideas and ambitions. The role of Editor for the new ‘Spotlight’ magazine interested me as I felt it would be an interesting and challenging project to work on, that would require some creativity and push me to work on some new skills.