Name: Sinead Durcan

Position: Head of Marketing



I am a final year Business & Law student and the current Head of Marketing for the I&E Committee. My parents often told me I spent too much time scrolling on my phone, so I decided sure why not make a hobby out of it? Studying Business & Law, I was invited into the possibility of Marketing, and due to my severe attention to detail and passion for consistent colour schemes, I knew that this role was the one for me.

I heard about the I&E society in first year, partially (or only) because they offered free Magnums. However, I decided to get involved this year as I was eager to contribute to a society exhibiting such growth and progression, (and to get another Magnum). I am extremely grateful for my decision, as each day I have the opportunity to interact and collaborate with so many motivating and inspiring people and also experience the exciting and endless opportunities that I&E Society has to offer. This role enlightens my creative side, and Iā€™m thoroughly enjoying spreading the word about such a progressive, active and influential society.

Claim to fame: Hula-hoop Champion 2003

Favourite beverage: Mocha

Favourite ice-cream: Magnum (not just saying this I swear)