Name: Daragh Linehan

Position: Head of poker series



3rd year actuary student just trying to fit in with the Ec&Fi/Commerce gang. Huge United fan, Leeds united … obviously. The only thing I love more than poker is myself. Huge Love island fan and hail from the land of Greg O’Shea (limerick), prone to tinder activity during lectures. scored a goal in the actuary cup semi-final, which was disallowed. Never represented my county at any level ever and still cannot cycle a bike. Big Munster fan also, unfortunately. Nothing I enjoy more than bluffing people and then showing them my hand to annoy them and also like to brag a lot about coming second in the intervarsity poker tournament last year. On a serious note, I’m hoping I can have a great year organising poker with the I&E and increase weekly attendance consistently. Did I mention I came second in the intervarsity poker tournament last year?