Robbie Torsney


“I am a proud Commerce undergraduate, avid sportsman and passionate networker determined to excel in the areas of marketing, sales and management.

Upon my return from a 12-month placement in Microsoft, I was determined to continue striving for excellence in all walks of life. During this dynamic, high-intensity internship year, time management was a key skill I improved on. With the weight of final year on my shoulders, I seek to maintain a healthy work-life balance: socializing, training, having family-time and working in my part-time job, all while studying efficiently and actively.

I joined the Investors and Entrepreneurs Society with the goal in mind to fuel my personal development and to prepare me for my future career, while meeting some awesome people along the way.

As Head of Marketing, it has been my number one goal for the year to promote a more diverse and inclusive culture within the society - all which connecting our members both to the companies they wish to one day work for, and to other like-minded students.”