Name: Ryan Cobain

Position: Auditor


I’m a final-year Economics & Finance student, and I am delighted to be serving as Auditor for the 8th Session of the I&E. Having lived in Australia and once visited Amsterdam, I consider myself to be extremely cultured and well-travelled, and I try to emphasise this by starting most sentences with “When I lived in Australia…”. I am also a fairly impressive athlete: I am currently on the cusp of making the 18-man squad for my local football team and, when I lived in Australia, I once scored 17 not-out for my school’s cricket team.

Given this, I believe I have a very well-rounded personality, and I think this was the primary reason I was selected to be the I&E’s Auditor. Others have suggested I was chosen because nobody else applied, but I am confident this was a less important factor. Thankfully, the I&Es great 8th session committee will be able to overcome all of my shortcomings as Auditor, so I know we will take the society to new heights this year.