What is the Student Managed Fund?


A fund, in general, is a collection of money gathered from several individuals which is then pooled together and invested in a broad range of assets such as stocks, bonds, real estate etc. The aim of any fund is to multiply that money and to provide those individuals, known as investors, with a stable income for the future.

The Student Managed Fund (SMF) is a non-remunerated organisation which carries out a function similar to that of professionals in the fund and asset management industry but on a much smaller scale and under the guidance of industry experts.

For the past three years, it has consisted of a long, equity only portfolio of real world stocks spread out across 7 sectors. The total assets under management amounted to $10,000 when the fund began in March 2015. This amount has since grown by 31.37% to reach $13,137 in June 2018.

Our Objective

Founded in 2015 by 6 students from Economics & Finance, the fund offers students pursuing careers in finance and accountancy related fields, opportunities and experiences, to get their first taste of the industry by actively participating in the process of analysing and pitching stocks. The fund aims to get students from all disciplines involved in an experiential learning environment that connects the academic theory of finance with real life industry practice.

The purpose of the fund can be highlighted in the following points:

1. To provide a platform for the brightest and most ambitious students interested in finance to apply their skills in the real world under the guidance of industry professionals

2. To provide students with a competitive advantage in the jobs market to elevate their career opportunities