DataLink 2022

DataLink will take place on Feb 4th and 5th 2022 - applications are currently open !

Data Link is a hackathon - an event where you have less than 24 hours to pose, test and write a report on an interesting or creative hypothesis related to a real world problem statement and big datasets provided. You will compete as a team of  4 to perform the analysis which tests your theories and write a report on your findings before the time is up!
Data Link has partnered with AWS to
deliver a talk on Databases, Analytics
and Industry Applications of Machine
Learning on the AWS Cloud. Event will
Occur on the 4th Feb, link to
be provided closer to the date.
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Data Link is open to all levels of experience from 1st Year through to Masters & Phd Students, whilst a very basic knowledge of Python, R or Statistics will be helpful, there is nothing to stop you doing your entire analysis via excel or data visualisation packages such as Tableau or Power BI. Ultimately the competition is more about the insightfulness of your findings than the sophistication of the approach used. If you have an interest in data analytics you are strongly encouraged to signup irrespective of your skill level, you are guaranteed to finish the competition with a much greater knowledge than when your started. (Team formation will be done closer to competition time, so no need to have a team in advance)
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Discover more about "Big Data"
We now live in a world with access to large and exotic datasets available from many different sources across the internet, collectively termed "big data" you will get experience working with datasets with many thousands of rows and learn to combine disparate sources to create new insights.
Hands On Experience with Real World Data Analytics Case Study
The Data Link Hackathon will provide you with access to hand picked datasets designed to work well together and themed towards a specific real world problem which will be revealed on the competition day. This will help you hone your data analytics, report writing and presentation skills on a topical real world issue.
Enhance Your Quantitative Problem Solving and Hypothesis Testing Skills
Whilst there is an abundance of data, visualisation techniques and machine learning models available today, the real challenge is posing the right questions and structuring your problem solving approach. Throughout the hackathon you will be required to pose your own hypothesis about the data provided, source additional information and synthesise a report to provides interesting insights to stakeholders.
Put Your Classrom Theory Into Practice
Everyone has some knowledge which they've built up through their university courses whether in economic theory, mathematics, programming or even packages such as excel or tableau. Data Link will help you push the boundaries of your knowledge and gain practical experience to complement academic theory!
Learn and Apply Data Visualisation & Machine Learning Skills to Real World Problems
You don't have to be a Python and Machine Learning Wizard to compete, sometimes the most elegant solutions can come from something as simple as a linear regression or an insightful infographic! Whilst you may be totally unfamiliar with many machine learning techniques this competition gives you the opportunity to learn from your other team members no matter your existing skill level.
Register your interest now for the hackathon, which will be happening on the 4th-5th Feb 2022.
4th Feb
Talk from Amazon Web Services 17:00 - 18:30 & Competition Intro
Learn more about how Data Analytics and Machine Learning is being applied in real world business applications across a diverse range of industries and how AWS is driving the real world solutions.
Teams Formation Closes & Brief Released 18:40
The competition brief will be released along with headers of the available datasets, competitors will be walked through the content of their submission and be given tips on best strategies for success
Team Planning Time 18:40 Onwards
Competitors will have the rest of the night to plan their approach and assign team responsibilities (and get some sleep) before they get hacking the next morning.
5th Feb
Registration 8:30
All teams members must be present to complete registration
Talk from Data.Gov 9:00
Brief overview of the open data platform and datasets
Hacking Begins 9:30
Competition will begin and full datasets will be released
Hacking Ends - Submission Time 3:20
All competitors must submit their reports at this time, judges will then review the reports.
Winners Announced 4:30
Prizes will be awarded to top teams according to several categories of awards.